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Si Lap Bean is represent to Thai (ศิลปิน) words pronunciation. In Thai language means art / artist / design /drawing. Shop owner Nat loves Thailand so much, even the name of the shop is in Thai. Although Nat is not a real artist, the shop sells all licensed design products from Thai. And Nat is planning to launch her own design products, all of the items are related to art and design, so it called Si Lap Bean.

Si Lap Bean( 是粒BEAN ) 是泰文(ศิลปิน)的發音。泰文意思指藝術/藝術家/設計/畫畫有關。店主阿叻好喜歡泰國,所以店名用上了泰文。雖然阿叻並不是真藝術家,但店鋪賣的全都是泰國藝術家授權設計品,阿叻也計劃推出自家設計品。因為店內一切都跟藝術設計有關,所以便改名 Si Lap Bean 啦。另外,有機會阿叻都會想跟本地設計師合作。

Nat major studied fashion design and product development but she do graphic too. She is a passionate Sagittarius Hong Kong girl who loves art and design, especially handcraft and she always want to do something different.

Nat fell in love with Thailand after visited. The food, the culture, the sea, and handmade goods! She wants to share the pretty and special things she found from Thai and bring them to Hong Kong. 

But her final dream is to travel around the world with her mum and establish her own brand and products.   

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