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Si Lap Bean mainly sells handmade goods. All handmade goods can be slightly different,  Perfectionist please consider before buying. 本店主要銷售手工製品。所有手工製品都可能略有不同,完美主義者請在購買前考慮。

Website Error 網站錯誤

If the content of your order results in incorrect information due to a website error and your credit card is deducted from an inappropriate amount, you must contact us immediately through '' Contact Us '' on or WhatsApp +852 57261091, We will follow up and reply as soon as possible. If there is no appeal within 3 days after submitting the order, the order cannot be changed, and the deducted amount will not be refunded.

如閣下之訂單內容因網站錯誤而導致出現錯誤資訊,並導致閣下之信用卡被扣除不適當之金額,閣下必須立即透過本網站 中的''聯絡我們''或 WhatsApp +852 57261091 與我們聯繫,我們會盡快跟進及回覆。如提交訂單後3天內沒有提出上訴,訂單將不能更改,而被扣除之金額將不獲退回。

Order Confirmation 訂單確定

You will receive an email reply confirming your purchase after you submit your order by using this online store platform. And you will receive another email about the tracking number within 3 business days after purchase. Please ''Contact Us'' on or ''Whatsapp Us'' +852 57261091 if you do not receive relevant email. 

在閣下使用本網站商店購物車提交訂單後,閣下會即時收到確認購買之電郵回覆,並將會在購買日後3個工作天內收到若干購買訂單之運單號碼電郵回覆。如閣下在購買日後3個工作天內收不到相關電郵,請透過本網站或 WhatsApp +852 57261091 聯絡我們。

Disclaimer 免責聲明

In case of any disputes, Si Lap Bean reserves the right of final decision and interpretation. 如有任何爭議,Si Lap Bean 保留最終決定權及解釋權。

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