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Brands Authorized

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Unmelt ,the design brand from Thai kicked off Si Lap Bean. The brand is based on the design of wild animals, creating a variety of cute and practical living things, let's explore one by one. 

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ShaGu 沙咕 

香港本地品牌ShaGu,分別代表sha sha貓與貓幽靈Gulu,是創作者mo mo mo的家人。Gulu雖然已成小天使,但她將永存於ShaGu故事中。mo mo mo希望透過2個(真實存在)的貓咪角色,喚起地球人環保動保魂。另外沙咕會融入大家的生活日常,務求令大家會心微笑,暫緩現實世界的煩憂。

Hong Kong local brand ShaGu, representing sha sha cat and cat ghost Gulu. They are the family member of creator mo mo mo. Although Gulu has become a little angel, she will live forever in the ShaGu story. mo mo mo hopes to evoke the spirit of environmental protection and protection of people on earth through two (real) cat characters. In addition, ShaGu will integrate into everyone's daily life, so as to make everyone smile knowingly and relieve the worries of the real world.


Finger Mark 

Fingermark's unique camera style design handbag, with playful design and vibrant colors. It is the suitable bag to bring around for a selfie.


COMMA Pattern 

泰國品牌Comma Pattern, 設計對於擁有自己獨特風格的任何人,從簡單的概念開始。 Comma是一個可以講述您自己的風格和故事的襪子品牌。有很多設計供收藏選擇,表現哪個是您。 雖然襪子只是大家身上的小飾品,但她們認為襪子可以展現購買者自己的風格。
Handmade sock brand based in Thailand. Starting from a simple concept for anyone who have your own unique style. They had the idea to create a sock brand that can tell your own style and story.There are many collections for you to choose. Although that’s a small accessory on your body but they think their sock can show your own style.

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